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Bringing your orders to life in a more sustainable way

Sousa Pitti Procesos 140x140 Scarf

Each collection has its own come-to-life process, but they are similar in our manufacturing process and philosophy: 

Smaller supply-demand gap =

less overproduction =

less waste =

less contamination

Your purchasing process is as simple as that formula

When you browse our website, you’ll find two different purchase buttons: “Preorder now” or “Add to cart”.

We use preorders to offer Made-to-Order services and make sure that formula we shared succeeds! You’ll find that one of the following scenarios will apply to you:

Preorder now: your product is not in stock at the moment but we can manufacture and ship it to you in the timeframe that you’ll see next to the button. You wait a bit more, but give back to our Earth a lot more.

Add to cart: often we do have the product you wish to buy in stock. When this is the case, we’ll ship it to you right away or on the next business day if the order is placed outside of business hours. We make an effort to ship it to you right away even outside of business hours, but we’re a small team and appreciate your patience if we’re not able to do so! <3

Mixed carts: if your order includes items both in and out of stock –what we call a Mixed Cart– then we’ll ship all items to you on the date your Preorder items are ready, so that you only pay for shipping once. If you do wish to receive the in-stock items right away, then please make two separate orders. We’re working hard to bring you a simpler, automatic solution, please bear with us as we keep growing and evolving thanks to your love for our products! 

Learn more about the benefits behind a Made-to-Order model soon in our new, upcoming blog! Make sure to add your email to our mailing list or check the option to subscribe when you check out.
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