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A Fashion Design House

Sousa Pitti is a Panamanian fashion design house that specializes in creating functional and versatile pieces for every occasion. We create, from design to reality, pieces from casual, to cocktail and formal.
Our priority: your expression.
Our motto: Express Freely, Be Free.
What we make: wearable expression.

Minimalism Meets Modernism

Our spirit is minimalist and modernist, with a constant game between and across both. Sousa Pitti creates unique collections based on a clear concept and detailed research of it. Our design is inspired by a mix of history, art, and social movements.

We Design for Personalities

The brand has very clear and open values of diversity, inclusion, and respect, and seeks to practice what it preaches. Sousa Pitti designs for personalities, and not for sex, gender, age, creed, etc. The idea is: if any of our pieces calls on you, it is for you. Our priority is your expression, and you'll express best with clothes that resonate with your identity sincerely.

The Sousa Siblings

Sousa Pitti is run by two siblings: Andrea and Diego. Andrea, Creative Director and founder, is the designer and mind behind each of our pieces, and is characterized by a design process charged with profound research and ample concept development.

Diego, Executive Director and Art Director, handles administrative and commercial, as well as being the Art Director for the brand's communications and audiovisual productions. He is defined by a mix between his technical business training and his experience in art and creativity.

Together, the Sousa siblings have managed to launch Sousa Pitti commercially, with a clear and so-far successful mission of never sacrificing the creativity and artistry that characterize the designer's work. Find more about their story here.

Learn about how we bring your orders to life here.

Express Freely, Be Free. #SousaPitti


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