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A Siblings Duo

Sousa Siblings: Andrea Sousa and Diego Sousa
Sousa Siblings: Andrea Sousa and Diego Sousa

Sousa Pitti is run by 2/3 of the Sousa siblings, Andrea and Diego Sousa. They are fortunate to be part of a team that has been training together for more than 2 decades.

The Start

Andrea Sousa, Creative Director and founder, founded Sousa Pitti on her own in 2015. A trained lawyer and ballet dancer, after law school and some time of legal practice she decided to follow her passions in creativity, craving the expression she had left behind with her years of ballet and competitions. After a summer at Parsons School of Design, in New York City, USA, she decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni, in Milan, Italy. She would then come back to Panama and found Sousa Pitti, quickly rising to prominence as one of the main emerging brands in the country. Within the first 4 years of Sousa Pitti's founding, Andrea's designs had walked runways and trade shows in Panama, Canada, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, and had been featured in Vogue UK and Vogue Mexico, among others. In 2021, her designs and Mexico had their first encounter at Intermoda 2021, the biggest fashion trade show in Latin America and, as we hope, the first date in a long relationship.

The Expansion

Diego Sousa came into the picture in 2018, after leaving behind a corporate life as a business tech consultant for Deloitte Consulting, in Philadelphia, USA, and returning to his home country of Panama. Andrea knew that she wanted to build a structure to take her company to the next level, and Diego would bring the business know-how to do so, as the new Executive Director/CEO. Sousa Pitti continued to expand, reaching new audiences and countries, but it also continued to evolve: Diego, with years of experience in the Marketing/PR, creative, and audiovisual fields as well, organically became the Art Director of the company, with the mission of taking its communications, image, and brand recognition to the next level. He translates his sister's mind and vision into words, visuals, and experiences. Diego divides his time between administrative duties and multimedia, audiovisual and marketing/PR projects, with the latter 3 being his biggest passions —passions he had repressed for most of his life. Since he joined the team in 2018, Sousa Pitti has become profitable, visually coherent and recognizable, and a limits- and boundaries-pusher in Panama.

The Present

Andrea and Diego are fortunate to complement each other's creativity and efforts. Their business relationship, which started as a clear and temporary mission by Diego to help expand Andrea's vision and business, evolved into a creative partnership and duo. Today, they run the company together via a dynamic that is unique to the Panamanian fashion industry. Their dreams have no limits and they're determined to become global representatives of their country and what it has to offer. You are the main guest on this journey.


We consider anyone who decides to tag along with us in this crazy journey, our family, and we personally invite you to jump on it with us. We hope to continue seeing you.


Andrea & Diego

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